Computer Disposal Advice

You are planning to purchase a brand new computer, as your existing one does not have the power required to run the latest versions of software required for your business. Never dump your old laptop it in a landfill, as it will damage the ecology by leaking heavy metals into the land. It is better to hand over your computer to the company from whom you purchased the PC. They will refurbish the PC and sell it to someone else. However, make sure that you destroy all private data, including your credit/debit card details and other sensitive data from its hard disk drive. If a hacker purchases your old computer, he can easily retrieve most of the deleted data, including your private and sensitive details, with the help of data recovery software. Before instructing you what to do to avoid such a disaster, we shall discuss about your unsuccessful online business. Despite having your website search engine optimised, you are hardly finding any footfalls on it. You need the help of professionals such as Computer Management UK, who specialise in marketing strategies. With their help, you will soon see a steady flow of paying customers on your site. By the way, you can also purchase your new laptop from them along with other peripherals such as routers, printers, scanners, and the like. You can also seek their help for computer disposal as well.

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Data hiding on the drive

When you delete data from your computer's HDD, you do not remove it. You erase the location of the data from the table of contents. The data is still there on your computer's HDD, and anybody with requisite knowledge can retrieve it. However, if you input new data, and it overwrites the sectors in which the private data was, then it becomes challenging to retrieve it. Is there any guarantee that the data you last stored on your computer's HDD did overwrite your deleted private data? Why take a risk when you can hand over the job to a professional company like Computer Management UK to do the task. Their specialists will first delete the entire data from your PC's hard disk drive and then use specialised software to fill the HDD with new and useless data. They will repeat this process several times to ensure that not a single original byte of data remains on the HDD. If necessary, they will format your computer's HDD before installing the operating system and using professional software to write junk data on the HDD. If you have saved data on Google Drive or any other cloud-based host, they will check them as well and on your permission, remove important data from there too.

Physically removing the data

You can physically remove the data by smashing your computer's hard disk drive with a hammer. However, it decreases the resale value of your laptop. Why go for this step, when you can depend on Computer Management UK to eliminate all sensitive data from the HDD of your old computer and get a good resale value for it?